Success Stories

Human Care

Human Care’s premium healthcare products garner interest in South East Asia

During the business mission in 2018, Human Care met its unique local distributor for the Singaporean market. Since then, Human Care and its partner have expanded their reach among local consumers and have raised interest from potential customers and partners.

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Solgari Microsoft

Solgari revolutionises the South East Asian communications landscape

Solgari participated in the EU Business Avenues in South East Asia in 2017 and showcased its solutions to a targeted audience of potential local business partners. Solgari’s schedule was filled to the brim with business meetings, technical seminars and networking events. The company eventually found two partners and two high-level customers.

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LG Sonic New Orders

New Orders in for LG Sonic, thanks to Environment & Water Technologies Success in South East Asia

In July 2016, LG Sonic took part in the EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission for Environment and Water Technologies to South East Asia together with other leading European companies in the industry. South East Asia has enormous market potential for LG Sonic and it currently is one of the most promising business destinations for the company. The mission concluded with a resounding success for LG Sonic, which was able to grow its reach in South East Asia, since the market has a definite need for algae and biofouling control solutions.

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Hukka Design

Export to Asian markets soaring for Finnish company Hukka Design

The EU Business Avenues in South East Asia programme has brought Hukka Designer closer to its goal of business expansion to Asia. Through the business mission to Singapore and Indonesia, Hukka Design established a solid business presence in Asia, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and China, all completely new markets for the company prior to the mission.

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LifeSense Group's Award-winning Health Wearables, Market-ready in Asia

During the business mission, the company signed a research partnership with a local organization, the National University Hospital. Less than two weeks after the mission, LifeSense Group signed a new distributorship agreement with a major distributor of medical equipment for Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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Belgian Well Pumps

Growing market share for Belgian Well Pumps in South East Asia

In 2016, Well Pumps was selected to participate in the Business Avenues mission for Environment & Water Technologies. Through the mission, Well Pumps found a local partner, Vucico, a company specialized in representing foreign companies in the water industry in the Vietnamese market. This partner is of significant importance due to its access to a wide network of state-owned companies responsible for the distribution of potable water across the entire country.

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EU Business Avenues yields exponential growth in Asia for Fernbach

The EU Business Avenues mission helped FERNBACH ease into the complexity of the markets in the region. A recently established new partnership with BDO in Indonesia led the company to further expand its Machine Learning application, which monitors the loans for which contracts already exist. FERNBACH is continuously working on its product development to ensure it meets the needs of the South East Asian markets.

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Partech Thrives Following Environment & Water Technologies Business Mission

The mission proved fruitful for the British company and the sales figures speak for themselves. In Singapore, Partech met prospects that were interested in using their sensors and equipment. At the moment, new business agreements are still being discussed. In Vietnam, Partech initiated two distribution agreements with TVA Online Solutions and Vucico Vietnam.

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Mipama Explore South East Asia Market after Great Success in Korea

The business mission to Korea EU Gateway | Business Avenues organized in 2016 was a great occasion for Mipama to meet key buyers in the sector of Organic Food and Beverage. During the mission, Ms. Szarfarz noted that Korean companies were mostly interested in its line of organic proteins, as well as Mipama's super mix formulas - which are natural diet supplements based on super-foods. Mipama is joining the mission to Singapore and Vietnam in May 2018.

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The EU Gateway

Contemporary European Design made in Italy, a High Point in South East Asia

The EU Gateway | Business Avenues team helped Cizeta L'Abbate identify relevant business partners prior to the business mission. Thanks to a thorough process, which included creating a wish list and setting specific goals, the company managed to reach the audience it was looking for.

The key to Cizeta L'Abbate's success on the mission was the prior matchmaking process which ensured the company had pre-arranged meetings with interested counterparts.

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Ecoceane makes ocean and waterway clean-up accessible in South East Asia

The business matchmaking process successfully put Ecoceane in touch with relevant stakeholders and partners, according to its wish list and requested partner profile, which resulted in Ecoceane signing a broker's agreement with Sim Power Pte Ltd. in Singapore, and a distribution contract with AEEC - Asia Eco & Env Co., Ltd in Vietnam.

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Italian custom sludge dryer manufacturer meets South East Asian demand

During the business mission week, domestic companies were particularly interested in Solwa's ability to reduce sludge amounts from water treatment plants. The business mission changed the company's vision on the two markets (Singapore and Vietnam) and is now working on improving its solutions to better fit the local demand.

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ASoft1 Co

Slovenian software by XLAB meets high demand in South East Asia

One of these new customers and, according to the company, the most important outcome of the business mission in Singapore, is Singtel, one of the largest telecoms in the world with a total subscription base of 638 million as of 2017.

The business mission days in Thailand proved just as high-yielding. It is on this market that the company put the bases of a new collaboration with a local distributor called ASoft1 Co., Ltd., based in Bangkok.

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Irish company Oxymem recognised by Singapore's Public Utility Board as a company to watch

OxyMem was recognised by Singapore’s Public Utility Board (PUB) as a company to watch and won the TechXchange People’s Choice award for innovative technology in the water industry.

OxyMem participated in the EU Gateway | Business Avenues business mission to South East Asia on Environment & Water Technologies in July 2016.

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Finnish company Pegasor brings environment technology innovation to South East Asia

Thanks to the EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission, a second long-term cooperation was initiated with a Singaporean partner for a project on vehicle emission monitoring.

Together with its local partner, Pegasor is currently undergoing the application process for a project launched by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and SPRING Singapore to address pollution monitoring challenges faced by Singapore.

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EMKO – Lithuanian furniture design company, a hit in South East Asia

EMKO stroke the deal on two collaborations with Singaporean e-commerce businesses during the event. One of these is with newly-founded company Big Fish. The partner was already preparing for a launch event for interior designers and architects where EMKO furniture was to be displayed. The other collaboration, with Bibliotek, was to bring EMKO even more visibility to local end customers, by adding the Lithuanian products to Bibliotek’s e-commerce website.

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