Information & Communication Technologies

Information & Communication Technologies Business Mission

17 – 22 June 2019, Singapore & Thailand

SAIL LABS Technology GmbH


Country: Austria
Sub Sector: Big Data
Booth No. (Singapore): 5J4-11
Table No. (Thailand): 15


An ever-increasing amount of information in a multitude of languages is being produced by the second and disseminates across multiple media channels and platforms. The system provides the means to make the incredible volume of information searchable and manageable. We develop our engine. The system automatically records and harvests data from multiple sources and raw data, then runs through a series of processing steps: the speech content is transcribed, indexed and enriched with information regarding language, speaker, named entities, topics, and sentiment. It is subsequently stored in a database for search and retrieval, and can additionally be archived. Visualization and analysis of trends, relations, global hot spots, profiles, as well as ontologies and Social Media Analytics pave the way for turning raw, unstructured data into actionable knowledge and intelligence. In an investigative and intelligence environment monitor all aspects of communications such as other means of communications and recruiting attempts within: Traditional Media, Social Media, Website, Web channels, E mail and Electronic documents. By providing actionable intelligence and knowledge based on open and publicly available sources, we offer cutting-edge technologies in areas such as Automatic Speech Recognition, Speaker Identification, Sentiment Analysis, as well as Named Entity and Topic Detection across multiple languages, geographies and sources. Visual Analytics, ontologies, Social Media Analytics and a highly customizable workflow complete the product portfolio. The System provides a comprehensive and flexible framework of tools that can be tailored to specific task definitions in various domain. The System is present in 65 countries

Open Source Intelligence
Media Monitoring
Automatic speech recognition