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Information & Communication Technologies Business Mission

17 – 22 June 2019, Singapore & Thailand

ManWinWin Software


Country: Portugal
Sub Sector: Cloud Computing, IoT, Digital transformation in Maintenance Management
Booth No. (Singapore): 5H4-07
Table No. (Thailand): 01


VALUE: Our company has been conducting a solid digital transformation in maintenance management systems in companies for almost 40 years, we have 600+ clients spreadout in 75+ countries --> PROVEN TRACK + 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE
STATISTICAL FACT: 82% of all ManWinWin users reported "know-how and experience in maintenance management experience" as one of ManWinWin solution best attributes, when deciding for a maintenance software

VALUE: Our software has a very user-friendly interface which allows field technicians and maintenance managers to easily access and use on a daily basis --> Improving employee skills and productivity
STATISTICAL FACT: 88% of organizations that actively use mobile CMMS reported strong improvements to labor efficiency and productivity

VALUE: Implementing an easy-to-use system enables early and easy adoption by employees, which practically guarantees a SUCCESSFUL implementation of the system for our clients.
STATISTICAL FACT: 88% of facilities that have successfully implemented a CMMS, reported significant cost savings, from tens of thousands to millions of dollars

ANOTHER STATISTICAL FACT: ManWinWin users reported an AVERAGE COST REDUCTION of 25% in total maintenance costs, after implementing ManWinWin. ManWinWin is #5 maintenance software in the World (by Gartner) and is #1 in the World, based on user recommendations. Implementations carried out (so far) in Southeast Asia:
• Thai Union (#2 producer of canned fish in the World, HQ in Bangkok) • DST Group (Rayong) • Radjawali Group (HQ in Singapore, plant in Indonesia) • Viet Nhat Steel (Hanoi, Vietnam) • Hanoi Beer Company (Hanoi, Vietnam) • Hitachi Group (Jakarta, Indonesia)
• Dao Heuang Group (Vientiane, Republic of Laos) • GE - General Electric (3 plants) • Bosch Systems • Essilor • Danone • Technip • Ritz Four Seasons

ManWinWin - Maintenance management software (CMMS).
Implementation of the system on site through competent ManWinWin experts + the support of our local partners.