Information & Communication Technologies

Information & Communication Technologies Business Mission

17 – 22 June 2019, Singapore & Thailand



Country: Hungary
Sub Sector: Big Data
Booth No. (Singapore): 5K4-12
Table No. (Thailand): 20


We focus purely on the personalization technology and our product is a top-notch recommendation engine.

a) ‘Performance’ is our ultimate as we never lost any A/B test against competitors or in-house solutions (our conversions are better, which means we drive significantly more revenue to our clients than their own or another vendor’s solution)
b) ‘Scalability’ with real-time response: Performance-oriented architecture enables real-time responses within milliseconds all around the globe, capable of serving millions of concurrent users with personalized recommendations per second (per client)
c) ‘Vendor agnostic’, flexible integration to other solutions, such as marketing automation systems, CRM software, content management platforms, and e-commerce engines
d) The user-friendly and customizable ‘Dashboard’ brings real-time action and reporting functionalities to the users.

Key Clients: (Singapore job classified) Hotstar (Netflix like site from India), DKSH Vietnam (Healthcare distributor in Vietnam), (Vietnamese consumer electronics retailer) (French retailer in Romania), (Malaysian marketplace), Dailymotion (2nd video sharing site after Youtube), Gittigidyor (Turkish eBay subsidiary), Procter & Gamble (global FMCG)

Product / Content recommendations,
Search personalization,
E-mail newsletter / Cart abandonment e-mail personalization,
Product recommendation for B2B model (for manufacturers/ distributors)