Information & Communication Technologies

Information & Communication Technologies Business Mission

17 – 22 June 2019, Singapore & Thailand

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1 3d-berlin vr solution GmbH Germany Health IT, Software services
2 3dRudder France VR
3 ABF - Industrielle Automation GmbH Austria Industrial Automation
4 Abiquo Holdings SL Spain Cloud Computing
5 ACORUS NETWORKS France Cybersecurity
6 Adaptive Channel France Future Comms / Media
7 Athens Technology Center Greece Big Data, Future Comms / Media, Content, Marketing, Content Management
8 Bit Soft SRL Romania Software for Hospitality Industry
9 Bulpros Consulting AD Bulgaria Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Health IT, IoT
10 CRAMBO Hey! Spain Education
11 Creativity Software Ltd United Kingdom Cybersecurity, FinTech, Mobile Location, Location Based Services (LBS)
12 Belgium Big Data
13 DigitalRoute Sweden Big Data, Broadband, Cloud Computing, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, IoT, Communication Service
14 Eurotech S.p.A. Italy IoT, IoT Security, Distributed computing, ICT beyond the datacentre, High Performance Embedded Computing, IT/OT Integration, IoT Security
15 Fiction Express (Boolino SL) Spain Education K-12, EdTech, English Language Training
16 GALGUS Spain WIFI Networks
17 Gambit Financial Solutions Belgium FinTech
18 Hotailors Poland SaaS
19 Imagga Technologies Bulgaria Big Data
20 InsightsAtlas Finland Big Data, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence
21 Instrumentation Technologies d.o.o. Slovenia Future Comms / Media, IoT, ParticleAccelerator, MedTech, SmartConnectivity, Test & Measurement
22 Kinesense Ireland Cybersecurity, Video surveillance
23 Konsolidator A/S Denmark Cloud Computing
24 Liana Technologies Finland Big Data, Cloud Computing, Marketing & Communications Technology
25 ManWinWin Software Portugal Cloud Computing, IoT, Digital transformation in Maintenance Management
26 Manzalab France Cybersecurity, Digital Experience
27 METIS Cyberspace Technology SA Greece Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT
28 Mware Solutions Ltd - MwareIPTV Netherlands Future Comms / Media, Cloud- based solution for TV and Video On Demand Service
29 Nemetschek Bulgaria Bulgaria System Integration and custom software development
30 NINCHAT Finland Cybersecurity, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, Health IT
31 Nolwenture Finland Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, Health IT, IoT, PropTech, ConstructTech, EduTech, Compliance & HR, Process Automation, ERP, Location based marketing / E commerce, AI, Block Chain, NodeJS, React, React Native, Webpack, Loopback, Docker, Java
32 OMBEA AB Sweden Big Data, IoT, Customer & Employee Feedback Software and Hardware
33 Premo Spain IoT, Electronic and passive components manufacturer
34 R3 Communications Germany IoT, Wireless Technology for Industrial Automation
35 rdcom Italy Business Messaging Solutions
36 RecRight Finland HR Tech, Recruitment Technology
37 regify GmbH Germany Cybersecurity, Health IT
38 SAIL LABS Technology GmbH Austria Big Data
39 SATEL Finland Cybersecurity, Future Comms / Media, IoT, Mission Critical Connectivity
40 Seabery Soluciones S.L Spain Augmented Reality applied to Skills Training and Industry 4.0
41 Secure-IC SAS France Cybersecurity, IoT
42 SenseAnywhere B.V. Netherlands Big Data, IoT
43 Suntech Poland Broadband
44 TESSARES Belgium Broadband
45 tonwelt GmbH Germany Culture, Tourism, Guiding Technology, Visitor Solutions
46 Transition Technologies Managed Services Sp. z o.o. Poland Big Data, Cloud Computing, Health IT
47 Twyla GmbH Germany Future Comms / Media, Conversational AI
48 Vintom Poland Big Data, FinTech, Marketing Automation, Digital Customer Experience
49 Visio Ingenii Ltd United Kingdom Big Data, Cloud Computing, FinTech, IoT
50 Wildix EE OU Estonia Cloud Computing