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Dreamtec Software Ltd


Country: Ireland
Sub Sector: Cloud Computing, IoT/Smart City, Health IT, Traditional Comms (Broadband, Sat Comms, Fibre), Other Technologies
Booth No. (Singapore): 5G4-11
Table No. (Thailand):


Dreamtec Software Ltd design, build and market our own suite of Internet of Things (IOT) devices. We design the hardware, software, dashboard, comms that allow remote electronic devices to be linked to the internet so that users, owners, manufacturers can monitor and control these devices from anywhere in the world.

Imonitor-iMonitor is an independent software data archiving system, designed to facilitate users saving costs on the printing, review, management and storage of machine records. iMonitor works with Autoclaves, Washer Disinfectors and Ultrasonic Units. The iMonitor software allows the technician to record and archive all critical data essential for parametric release of processed loads from the machines. This information can then be accessed through a user friendly online dashboard.