Healthcare & Medical Technologies

Healthcare & Medical Technologies Virtual Business Mission

8 – 11 December 2020

Exhibitor Spotlight

The Exhibitor Spotlight is a series of online presentation sessions where trade visitors get a quick overview and key highlights of some of the latest innovations showcased by the EU companies. Trade visitors can connect with the EU companies for deeper one-to-one discussions on collaborative opportunities thereafter.

Date: Wednesday, 9 December 2020
Time: 5.00pm - 6.00pm (SGT) / 4.00pm - 5.00pm (WIB)

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Time Presentation Summary Company Name Speaker
5.00pm (SGT) / 4.00pm (WIB) Newster's answer for COVID-19
With the spread of COVID-19 through out the globe Newster's technical dept. and R&D got to work to on dedicated solutions for emergency relief management of solid,wastewater, fluid laboratory medical waste.Newster on-site sterilizers cut out extra handling of infectious waste by operators and the transport to other facilities reducing oportunities for spread of infection/contamination to a minimum. Reduced weight /volume of the treated waste and certified 28 day storage of treated residue eliminates constant need of waste collection. Attend our presentation to hear about the solutions available for all three of our lines of products. See you then!
Newster System srl Gianluca Magrini, Research & Development Manager
5.08pm (SGT) / 4.08pm (WIB) Internet of pills - Medication is becoming connected
Healthcare costs are soaring, but at the same time medications are not taken correctly. Reasons are complex, but majority of the patients say they simply forget. Now technology is making it possible to track medication-taking in real time. What happens when medication becomes connected? What are the opportunities?
Popit Ltd. Timo Heikkilä, Founder & COO
5.16pm (SGT) / 4.16pm (WIB) PeriFlux 6000 - A complete predictable diagnosis of Diabetic Vascular complications in one instrument
Perimed is world leading in advanced instruments for Peripheral Vascular Diagnosis. The company is Swedish, with both R&D and production in the same facilities in Stockholm, Sweden to secure high product quality. Perimed serves health organizations worldwide with its flagship technology for predictable diagnosis of diabetic vascular complications. The PeriFlux 6000 is the only instrument that performs all vital tests recommended by the global Society for Vascular Surgery in one instrument. As the first company to commercialize laser-based microcirculation Perimed is further providing imaging products for both clinical and pre-clinical use for applications such as Diabetic Foot, Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery.
Perimed AB Petri Markkanen, COO
5.24pm (SGT) / 4.24pm (WIB) The Power of PACS, Vendor Neutral Archiving and Portable Imaging
Medical imaging is the passion of IMAGE Information Systems Europe. PACS, Vendor Neutral Archiving and portable imaging are essential for providing complete, easy-to-use and innovative solutions for customers all over the world.
IMAGE Information Systems Arpad Bischof, Managing Director
5.32pm (SGT) / 4.32pm (WIB) Rehabilitation Exoskeletons by GOGOA
GOGOA has two CE certified exoskeletons for rehabilitation: a lower limbs exoskeleton called HANK, the only exoskeleton in the market with six DoF (hip, knee and ankle), to be used in the gait rehabilitation of patients after a stroke, spinal cord injury or neuro-degenerative disease, and a one-single-joint exoskeleton for knee rehabilitation, integrated with Functional Electro-Stimulation (FES), for gait rehabilitation after a stroke or a knee arthroscopy.
GOGOA Mobility Robots, S.L. Juan Izeta, Business Development Director
5.40pm (SGT) / 4.40pm (WIB) Leader Biomedical | Extending Your Reach | next-generation technologies | therapeutic solutions | manufacturing
Leader Biomedical is a medical devices company specialising in manufacturing innovative biomaterials, developing process technologies, and marketing targeted therapeutic solutions for dental, spine, joint care, and sports medicine indications. Leader Biomedical is committed to extending the reach of patients and caregivers and does so by offering innovative technologies, contract manufacturing (CMO and OEM), and in-house technologies, such as the proprietary eCOO® Technology platform for decellularisation and delipidation of biological grafts, particularly effective for application in orthopaedics, dental, cardiovascular, and neurology (
Leader Biomedical Basil Babychan, Group Business Director
5.48pm (SGT) / 4.48pm (WIB) Esense
Indes creates, develops and markets innovative and relevant products for Health Care and Mobility. Products that demonstrably contribute to healthier working and in increasing the possibilities of man. We create leading products with the latest technologies, which we develop together with our partners and bring them to the market. The end user and his challenges are the common thread for our entire design, development, production and delivery process. That is why our products make a difference and impact within Health Care and Mobility. Do you have challenges within healthy working and social mobility? Challenge us and contact us.
Indes Production Management B.V. Ramon Jannink, Business Development