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TMG-BMC d.o.o.


Country: Slovenia
Sub Sector: Medical Equipment, Medical/Pharma Supplies & Disposables, Rehab/Pain Equipment
Booth No. (Singapore): 2J35
Table No. (Jakarta): 49


TMG-BMC is a small biomedical engineering company with a proven track record that has the knowledge and experience to develop and bring new products into the field of medical grade diagnostics profitably. Through the development and implementation of an innovative and patented method for measuring contractile properties of muscles called tensiomyography (TMG), TMG-BMC has introduced a new level of information about muscle properties, which is applicable in sports as well as in medicine and physiotherapy.
Today, the core business of the company is to provide technology and consulting for the above mentioned elite medical and research institutions around the world, along with sports institutions, such as the English Institute of Sport, FC Barcelona, FC Real Madrid, FC Bayern Munich, FC Manchester United, etc. With more than 300.000 conducted measurements, TMG-BMC has in-depth knowledge and expertise in human skeletal muscles and movement patterns. Examples of developed products are the already-mentioned Tensiomyography (European patent granted) and the MC methodology (PCT patent pending) developed. TMG-BMC is ISO13485-certified and we are generating revenues from sales from all over the words.