List of Exhibitors

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PreciPoint GmbH


Country: Germany
Sub Sector: Telemedicine & Remote Health Monitoring
Booth No. (Singapore): 2J27
Table No. (Jakarta): 37


PreciPoint gmbH is a German company founded in 1982 by Mr. Müller, inventor and Head of Technology. Our headquarter is located in Freising, a Bavarian town close to Munich, and we manufacture our products in Wildenspring. Since 2011 we started the “Smart Microscopy” development and we are currently expanding internationally the M8, the Smartest Microscope and Scanner in the world.

Precipoint’s M8 serves as a dual microscope and scanner with all features accessible via a touch screen computer – making it a truly digital microscope. Our intuitive software allows for easy navigation through the microscope slides with just the touch of fingers.
With everything automated and digitized, there is no need for oculars and manual focus knobs. The user can work with a touchscreen computer, a tablet, or a smartphone and examine the sample with his own hands, literally.

The M8 microscope enables the user to work from anywhere at anytime. The user can access and operate the M8 remotely and in real-time (telepathology); he can connect, share and discuss his findings with his colleagues and specialists from all over the world.