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LEA Medizintechnik GmbH


Country: Germany
Sub Sector: Medical Equipment – Non-Imaging (Diagnostics)
Booth No. (Singapore): 2J12
Table No. (Jakarta): 29


O2C (Oxygen to see) is an optical non-invasive diagnostic device used to determine the oxygen supply in blood perfused tissue. The optical sensor is easy to handle and guarantees reproducible results. All parameters of O2C are derived from the microcirculation. The sensors will be applied at the periphery of the leg, inside a wound, intra-operatively or to monitoring free flaps. For different applications correspondingly suitable probes are available. These probes may be sterile or non-sterile and available as disposable probes or multiple use probes. For scientific research we offer two software packages "O2CevaTime" and "PrO2Col" in order to handle and evaluate the O2C data easily.