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Entertainment Robotics


Country: Denmark
Sub Sector: Assistive Technologies, Rehab/Pain Equipment
Booth No. (Singapore): 2H17
Table No. (Jakarta): 09


Moto tiles are designed as an alternative form of physical rehabilitation exercise to allow elderly citizens to break away from monotonous training programs, and participate in an exercise that is fun and exciting, and therefore more motivating. Qualitative studies show that therapists and elderly find the training with modular interactive tiles fun and highly motivating. Importantly, scientific clinical effect studies have shown that training with the modular tiles has a large effect on the functional abilities of seniors. It is shown that playful training gives significant effects with substantially less training sessions than what is needed with more traditional training methods. For instance, balancing test scores increase with 150% among older adults (avg 83 years old). Further, brain scanning and cognitive tests of older adults playing on the Moto tiles give evidence to the increased cognitive performance of older adults from playing on the Moto tiles, thereby granting the Hitachi brain science mark. Please see the full film on how Moto tiles bring happiness to life for elderly: