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Selfdiagnostics Deutschland Gmbh


Country: Germany
Sub Sector: Medical Equipment – Non-Imaging (Diagnostics)
Booth No. (Singapore): 2H03
Table No. (Jakarta): 43


Selfdiagnostics Deutschland GmbH, located in Leipzig Saxony – a global point-of-care molecular diagnostics device producer has developed word’s first disposable Non-Instrumented Nucleic Acid Amplification (NINAAT) rapid test technology. In other words, it is a pocket version of PCR test. PCR is the main diagnostics method used by laboratories and doctors. Our technology matches the laboratory tests both in sensitivity and accuracy, but no instruments are required.
Based on this technology the first device – STD Multitest is now ready for use. STD Multitest is the first and only rapid chlamydia and gonorrhoea duplex test in the world. It is painless, can be used by both sexes, provides reliable results within 30 minutes and utilises technology that is 100% accepted by doctors.
Our patented NINAAT technology is widely applicable and can be used to detect all other infections as well. Soon other applications like influenza, MRSA, tuberculosis and several more will follow.
Main advantage of tests based on NINAAT technology is that the time from diagnosis to treatment is significantly shortened which will reduce spreading of the diseases and treatment costs.