List of Exhibitors

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1 Aerocompact Austria Solar E03 1
2 ARIA Technologies France Air pollution control, Energy efficiency, Carbon services E04 2
3 BIOGEST Energie – und Wassertechnik GmbH Austria Biogas, Biomass, Sewage treatment plant E05 3
4 Biolang LtD. Hungary Biomass E06 4
5 BISOL Group d.o.o. Slovenia Solar E07 5
6 CIEL & TERRE France Solar E08 6
7 Climacheck Sweden AB Sweden Smart and green buildings, Energy efficiency, information technology D02 7
8 CLOUDINDUSTRIES.EU Lithuania Management and control systems, Information technology D03 8
9 Cortus AB Sweden Biomass D04 9
10 Coveme Italy Solar D05 10
11 Croft Additive Manufacturing LTD United Kingdom Water solutions, Energy conservation D06 11
12 CS Control Software Oy Finland Energy efficiency, Information technology D07 12
13 Ecotricity Group Limited United Kingdom Wind power D08 13
14 Ekoenergetyka-Polska Sp. z o.o. Poland Electric vehicles C01 14
15 eluminocity GmbH Germany Electric vehicles, Smart city C02 15
16 Energy Pool France Energy efficiency, Demand management C03 16
17 EnergyTransformers Holding B.V. Netherlands Biomass, Waste to energy C04 17
18 EnviTec Biogas AG Germany Biogas C06 19
19 ESPE SRL Italy Biomass, Hydropower, Smart grid, Solar, Wind C07 20
20 EVOLUTION ENERGIE France Energy efficiency, Information technology C08 21
21 GEOtest, a.s Czech Republic Environment protection, Smart city B01 22
22 Geppert GmbH Austria Hydropower B02 23
23 HyGear B.V. Netherlands Industrial gas B03 24
24 Irmie Impianti S.r.l. Italy Railway infrastructure, Rolling stock, Smart city B04 25
25 KMB systems, s.r.o. Czech Republic Smart grids, Energy conservation, Energy efficiency B05 26
26 Onyx Solar Energy S.L. Spain Solar B06 27
27 Plugit Finland Oy Finland Energy efficiency, Carbon services B08 29
28 Polytechnik Luft-und Feuerungstechnick GmbH Austria Biomass A01 30
29 SolarNext AG Germany Energy efficiency, Smart city, Green building A02 31
30 SOLEDOS GmbH | SOLARFOX® SOLAR DISPLAY SYSTEMS Germany Energy efficiency, Information technology A03 32
31 Steadysun France Solar A04 33
32 SVCS Process Innovation Czech Republic Solar A05 34
33 Swimsol Austria Solar A06 35
34 SYMBIONA S.A. Poland Waste water treatment, MBR technology, Biogas A07 36
35 SYSADVANCE SA Portugal Biogas, Separation technology, Industrial gas A08 37
36 Trace Software France Energy efficiency, Solar, Information technology A09 38
37 Xergi Denmark Biogas, Biomass A10 39
38 Zeco Srl Italy Hydropower B07 40