Environment & Water Technologies

Environment & Water Technologies Virtual Business Mission

29 November – 3 December 2020

Exhibitor Spotlight

The Exhibitor Spotlight is a series of online presentation sessions where trade visitors get a quick overview and key highlights of some of the latest innovations showcased by the EU companies. Trade visitors can connect with the EU companies for deeper one-to-one discussions on collaborative opportunities thereafter.

Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2020
Time: 15:00 – 15:56 (MYT)

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Time Presentation Summary Company Name Speaker
3.00pm to 3.08pm
Evolution of Oil on Water Detection
Think the terms Oil on Water or Hydrocarbon Detection and you would probably think applications in the oil & sector or oil spills at sea. But our technology has evolved to include applications a lot closer to home. Now we sell to wastewater treatment plants, drinking water facilities, power generation plants and manufacturers like Coca Cola.
Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS Der Liang Yung, CMO
3.08pm to 3.16pm
A biodegradeble alternative to chlorine
Bieau aims to bring a valuable alternative for classical disinfection, decontamination or pathogen controlling methods in drinking water production, health care, agriculture and horticulture. EcoClearProx® is a patented biodegradable hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution and is registered for a broad spectrum of applications. The keywords of our mission are sustainability, efficacy respect for men and the environment. A reason more to consider a better future with products of Bieau, products which are entirely compatible with the care of today for sustainable development.
Bieau Gino Quackels, CEO
3.16pm to 3.24pm
ColiMinder Rapid Microbiology - Drinking Water Applicatons
Microbiological contamination is a most important quality parameter in all water related applications. Microbiological quality of water is usually evaluated using a manual 3 days lab procedure. VWMS´s ColiMinder is able to measure this parameter fully automated and within 15 min. Goal is to present examples where the ColiMinder is installed in drinking water utilities, networks and bottling plants around the globe.
VWMS GmbH Vienna Water Monitoring Solutions Wolfgang Vogl, Founder & CEO
3.24pm to 3.32pm
Check your Saving Potentials with Valmet Superior Solids Measurements
Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper, energy and process industries. Based technology development on industry, Valmet has developed industrial quality solids measurements and optimizer solution for the wastewater customers that are used for both existing and new treatment plants. Valmet has over 2000 references globally with proven results of improving efficiency and maximizing capacity while saving chemicals, energy and other costs like solids transporting costs.
Valmet Automation Inc Heli Karaila, Business Manager
3.32pm to 3.40pm
Dealers wanted for ANIS - the baler manufacturer
ANIS Trend d.o.o. is an internationally known machine-building company from Slovenia, Eropean Union. It has been manufacturing a wide range of robust auto-tie channel bale presses for compaction of all kinds of waste materials and their feed conveyors for over 25 years.
ANIS TREND d.o.o. Borut Sterle, Sales director
3.40pm to 3.48pm
Early detection of floods and flood mitigation
Geolux products for contactless water level monitoring are a key component for building an early flood detection system. Instruments developed by Geolux use radar technology to measure water level and river discharge from above the water surface. The sensors are not affected by floating debris and provide accurate and reliable measurements before, during and after flooding events.
Geolux d.o.o. Niksa Orlic, CEO
3.48pm to 3.56pm
IoT technology applied to environmental and water monitoring
Libelium designs and manufactures high-quality environmental and water quality monitoring solutions, as a result on the 15 years experience of the company on the Internet of Things industry. Designed as stand-alone, open source versatile solution, the user can chose among more than a hundred different sensors, connectivity options to monitor air, water or soil 24/7 and decide whether to send the data to existing legacy systems or create new ones with tailored software solutions. Our technology has been proven in hundreds of use cases on fish farms, rivers, oceans, cities, open fields, crops, on an extensive record of success stories.
Libelium Carlos Herrando, Sales Area Manager