Environment & Water Technologies

Environment & Water Technologies Business Mission

17 – 22 March 2019, Singapore & Philippines


Visiting EU Business Avenues in Exhibition in Singapore (18 March 2019)

To visit the exhibition, set up one-to-one business meetings, attend the Exhibitor Spotlight presentations and/or attend the networking reception, you are required to pre-register your interest as a trade visitor. 

Manila, Philippines
Visiting EU Business Avenues Pavilion in Water Philippines (20 – 22 March 2019)

1) If you have registered your interest as a trade visitor via Water Philippines 2019 website, you are still required to register here in order to attend the EU Business Avenues in South East Asia Exhibitor Spotlight presentations and networking reception, as well as to set up individual business meetings with the companies.

2) If you have not registered your interest as a trade visitor via the Water Philippines 2019 website, we will register on your behalf after you have successfully submitted your registration on our website.

Register Now
to schedule meetings with the companies, attend the networking reception and the Market Insights Conference.


You may request for a one-on-one meetings with the EU companies. Please contact our Business Matching Teams:

Singapore Business Matching Team: businessmatching_sg@businessavenues.eu
Philippines Business Matching Team: businessmatching_ph@businessavenues.eu