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4 – 10 November 2019, Singapore & Philippines

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BeON energy (BeMicro)

  • Our Products/Services:

    BIPV - Solar Kit
    Smart Sockets
    Building Mesh Networks

    Our Value Proposition:

    BeON energy is on a mission to make solar energy available to everyone everywhere. Our unique pluginverter dramatically simplifies installation making it as simple as plugging in a TV. Once you join the prosumer community, we help you monitor, manage and sell your energy, reducing bills and your CO2 footprint. We have the world's most reliable mesh network with up to 1km range and a complete energy management app that can manage energy contracts and P2P trading between customers or in single building sub metering arrangements. We work with global utility players such as EDP and EDF and have more than 20k homes installed with our hardware.

    Country: Portugal
    Sub Sector: Smart and Green Buildings, Building Information Modelling and Sensor Technologies, Building Materials and Building Installation
    Booth number
    Singapore: 04
    Philippines: EU - 04