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4 – 10 November 2019, Singapore & Philippines

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Airgloss srl

Our Products/Services:

Airgloss ProSense (2nd generation)

Our Value Proposition:

Airgloss Multi-Sensing technology enables to detect and identify a wide range of indoor airborne pollutants, using Al algorithms and state of the art Pattern Recognition. Initially born as advanced aerospace equipment thanks to a collaboration with NASA, and later on furtherly developed to be affordable for commercial and consumer market, Airgloss products feature a new generation of proprietary sensors, based on advanced MEMS technology. Our competitive advantage, therefore, is differentiation, as we can offer a unique enterprise level product at a much more viable price than our competitors, disrupting the existing market and creating new business opportunities.
Our key clients are hotel chains, real estate, facility management companies, HVAC businesses, automotive, air purifiers, gas monitors, safety systems and healthcare facilities.

Country: Italy
Sub Sector: Smart and Green Buildings, Air Pollution Control, Energy Conservation Technologies Focused on Reducing CO2 Emissions
Booth number
Singapore: 02
Philippines: EU - 02