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Country: Italy
Sub Sector: Catchment Management,Water Quality & Hydrology,Water Quality (Utilisation),Inspection
Booth No. (Singapore): B2-E36
Table No. (Jakarta): 38


SYSTEA SpA is an Italian company which develops, manufactures and sales in the international market analyzers to measure chemical parameters in water and other liquids for routine laboratory analysis, on-line, in-situ and field applications, providing a complete start-up, management and maintenance service to the Customer.
The actual products lines:
• Micromac: on-line analyzers (Micromac C) and portable/on-line analyzers (Micromac-1000)
• EasyChem: laboratory routine, on-line and early warning toxicity (patent pending) analyzers
• Flowsys: Continuous Flow Analyzers (CFA) for routine laboratory analysis of chemical parameters in water and other liquids
• WIZ: innovative in-situ probe based on our proprietary micro Loop Flow Reactor (µLFR)