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Country: France
Sub Sector: Midstream – Pumping System,Conservation,Utilisation – Pumping System
Booth No. (Singapore): B2-E25
Table No. (Jakarta): 28


Hydrelis provides solutions to monitor water consumption in building and housing using smart & connected water circuit breakers. Those solutions detect and protect in real time against water leakages. Our solutions are interfacing with BMS and any third-party energy management system. The communication mode allows the users/operators to manage remotely their water circuit breakers to open/close but also to follow their consumption.
3 range of products: Switchflow for buildiing, Stopflow for housing, Sensiflow for public toilets.
Hydrelis is facilitating and evidencing sustainibility footprint of building users/owners to obtain BREEAM certification and is driving digitilization of the water management.